Darling Nicky

We’ve found the Mayor of Rock ‘n’ Roll Storytime and his name is Nicky Hopkins.

Nicky Hopkins & cat
Photo courtesy: BiteItDeep.Blogspot.com

(Trust us, we scratched our heads too…mainly because we’re just now learning of this legend…)

Nicky is the Mayor of Rock ‘n’ Roll Storytime not for crazed, rock star antics, but for being the glue that holds this volatile society together.

Nicky Hopkins was a studio, and sometimes touring, keyboard player who sat in with every major band in the classic rock lexicon.

Go on, test him.

The Beatles?

Recorded with the Fab Four and each individually.

The Stones?

All their important albums…and toured with them.

The Who?

Assuming this isn’t the start of a bit, yes, Nicky played with The Who.

The Kinks?

So much that Ray Davies apparently had to clarify which parts he played vs. Nicky.


Fine. Let’s just pull another name out of the classic rock bag. [Rummaging]

Ha! Found one: Jefferson Airplane. [folds arms]

Yyyyeeeeaaaahhhhh, Nicky played keys during their Woodstock performance.


Schmillsson. (Well, Son of Schmillsson.)

I give up. Just give me the rest of the highlights.

C’mon! This is fun; keep going!

[Side eye]


Nicky Hopkins also played with Donovan, Jeff Beck, Cat Stevens, Marc Bolan, Carly Simon, Peter Frampton, Steve Miller, Joe Cocker, and so on.

Oh. Kay. So you’re done?

He briefly toured with the Jerry Garcia Band.

Wow. Anything else? Wait. Let me guess…there was a revival late in his life?!

I can’t tell if you’re messing with me… But, yes, he also played with The Jayhawks in 1992 before passing in ’94. See, isn’t this fun?!


He also played with L. Ron Hubbard.

I’m listening.

I wish we could, but Space Jazz is not on Spotify…though we do have a sampling* of Nicky’s work:

*Per usual, CU made another daunting playlist. This one clocking in at almost 5:30 hours. But hey, Nicky was that prolific.



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