#RnRST Rants – GRAMMYs Edition

As we’ve seen, does it really matter who The Grammys deem as the greatest artist of the year?  (Maybe we should ask Christopher Cross the next time he’s playing at your local coffee shop.)

But JH, has a few thoughts we’d like to share. All you need to know is that Thursdays can turn into Blursday…and that’s where rants are typically generated..

Tonight let’s all take a minute to think about all of the past Grammy winners while the entire music industry spends nine hours blowing itself just so we can pretend that The Bodyguard Soundtrack was somehow better than REM’s Automatic For The People…which is a fucking crime against humanity.  I mean, have you even heard ‘Nightswimming?’

Thoughts on 2017 GRAMMY Album of The Year nominees?





We should pause to say that JH is not Chuck Klosterman. He did not realize Faith actually won in 1989…

Unlike our Sweet Potato Stalin of a president, he’s willing to admit when he’s wrong…and he’s wrong. A lot. Blursday rants are about talking from the heart…after 5 to 8 drinks. This is the guy who thought Outkast sampled the horns in ‘SpottieOttieDopaliscious’ from a ’70s funk song, so there you go. (Oddly enough Outkast did sample from a ’70s song, but it was ‘Dancing With the Moonlit King’ by Genesis. Outkast was deep.)

Back to the rant.




(In case you were wondering, OTPHJ is an Over-The-Pants-HJ aka The LaGrange Handshake.)


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