The Manson Boys – Dennis Wilson’s Storytime

[Fun fact: this was the very first Storytime. JH sent as an email and an empire was born.]

Got into a little bit of a Pet Sounds rabbit hole this morning and well, I want to tell you a quick Beach Boys story and how it’s connected to current Cleveland Cavs center and former # 5 NBA draft pick, Kevin Love.

I never thought to put the pieces together but Kevin Love, this guy-


….is the son of former NBA basketball player Stan Love, this guy-


…who happens to be the brother of Mike Love- some guy that appeared on Full House once….


After Stan Love’s NBA career ended in 1975, he went to go work for his cousin Brian “Briiiiiiiiiian” Wilson as a full-time bodyguard, trainer and assistant while Brian worked out some “issues” with mental health and drugs.  In 1982, Stan Love and another Wilson bodyguard/assistant/ex-athlete by the name of Rocky Pamplin were arrested by authorities, fined, and given a restraining order for assaulting one Dennis Wilson, AKA, “The Beach Boy that befriended Charlie Manson and indirectly got Sharon Tate and her three friends murdered by the Manson family.” See, one day Stan and Rocky went to Dennis’ house and beat him silly after they learned that Dennis convinced his brother Brian to purchase him roughly $15,000 worth of cocaine.  In 1982 $15,000 worth of cocaine was commonly known as “a fucking shitload” of cocaine.  A year later Dennis would die in a bizarre drowning accident where after a full day of drinking he decided to dive off of his yacht in the marina to collect some items he had thrown overboard 3 years prior.  He never surfaced.

God only knows what those items were.

(God only know what those items were)

God only knows….

(God only know what those items were)

God only knows….

Woooooooooooooo Woooooooooooooooooo


Conclusion- Dennis Wilson was a baller.  A stone cold baller.




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