What is Rock ‘n’ Roll Storytime


What is Rock ‘n’ Roll Storytime?

It’s a couple of friends (poorly) documenting known moments of rock history that may or may not have had a larger impact in the evolution of the genre and pop culture. Look, we’re not writers. We use poor grammar and syntax. No, really, I had to Google the word “syntax” to make sure I was using it correctly and I’m still not 100% sure. But you know what we do have? A love for music and entertaining stories. While we aim for accuracy, it’s not guaranteed. Look, we’re trying, OK? And isn’t that where the bar is set in society nowadays? We’re pretty much the green participation ribbon that is music journa…ahhh, we kid. This is nowhere close to anything that could be considered journalism.

Hasn’t this been done before?

Oh, god yes. Thousands of times. Here, just go ahead and Mad Lib any snarky Gawker-esque website into this sentence: We are the ____________ of rock history.

So, why then are you doing it?

Because if we don’t we’ll have to do boring stuff like work our actual money-paying jobs or raise kids. – JH

As much as we try, we can’t shake the teenage obsession with rock ‘n’ roll. We grew up during the prime of MTV, Behind The Music & Pop Up Video so we like our music with a drug-fueled tale, a snarky joke or two and maybe a side of knowledge. – CU

Why now?

Before the internet there was a total of three rock stories – the one about Zeppelin banging a groupie with a shark, the one where Paul was dead, and the one about Van Halen not allowing brown M&M’s. That was it. Don’t bother fact checking me. Those where the only three. But not that the internet has opened up research that does not require the Dewey Decimal system, we can spend more of our free time punching up jokes about how much cocaine Elton John did in 1977. – JH

These songs have a whole lotta life, and a whole lotta jokes still left in them. – CU

What is Rock ‘n’ Roll?

Rock is a giant web and every genre is a separate radial. Unlike Gene Simmons, we fully embrace N.W.A. being in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame and as Atlanta locals, we’ll be in Cleveland when they induct Outkast! Hootie Hoo!




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